Plus Size Faux Fur Vest For Your Classy Style

Plus size faux fur vest can be added as a layer to your outfits and get ready for the cooler temps! Before there was a ban on wearing animal fur for clothing and other fashion items, fur became a glamorous ingredient and high value.

People who use fashion item with fur usually only come from elite and high class society. But, as time goes by, wearing fur is finally got banned, because it is included in the category of animal abuse.

plus size faux fur
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But the perpetrators of the fashion industry is not thus lose his creativity to keep working with fur. Now, they use imitation or synthetic fur i.e faux fur for his various fashion items.

How about the result? It still looks glamorous and classy like the original fur material.

Plus Size Faux Fur Jacket

Performed by wearing plus size faux fur vest but don’t want to look too flashy? You can select faux fur jacket with dark color such as black, navy, dark green, Brown or blackish.

Trust me, you will not look excessive when wearing on it. Combining faux fur jacket with jeans are also a good idea.

Like the advice from the previous points above, texture also plays an important role when using faux fur. To make it look not to flashy, you can select the faux fur with short fur textures.

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